One of the main concepts explored within Shivaji Siroya’s TedTalk is the human need for trust to promote progress—progress in a business for example. Siroya’s TedTalk also demonstrates that strangers aren’t easily trusted due to a lack of information. The way Siroya’s breaks down her mobile application and the different criteria they use to determine whether their clients are trustworthy or not increased the persuasiveness of her speech. Moreover, the inclusion of Jenipher’s story and her mother’s story allows the audience to connect with her presentation with shared experiences. Although Siroya broke down the different criteria she uses, I believe she lacked ethos within her presentation which decreased my confidence in her application. Siroya didn’t provide much personal information about herself while her mobile app relies on her clients to give their personal information– location, contacts, relationships, financial transactions– which by itself made me skeptical of the process for these individuals to gain a financial profile. This video relates to my life since my financial profile is fairly new, and it has taught me that the lack of a financial profile doesn’t deem an individual as financially irresponsible, since there are a lot of other factors that can be taken into account. Moreover, many of these same concepts can be adapted to the practice of law which I will definitely be taking into account, when looking into an individuals credibility.

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