Innovation & Government Involvement

 Mariana Mazzucato, an economist who works with the European Commission and China to study the relationship between innovation and economic growth, demonstrates the influence connotations have on the market and introduces the idea of giving innovation funds back to the state. Mazzucato illustrates how the media uses negative connotations, such as “leviathan” when referring to the state being involved with the market. Mazzucato’s presentation wasn’t the most convincing; however, she had extensive information and government entrepreneur agencies to research in order to find more information about her subject. My greatest criticism of her presentation would be her broadness regarding the private-public sector idea and her swiftness in moving from multiple issues and ideas. Mazzucato’s presentation and her notion of the state shaping the market and receiving an innovation fund relate to my life since–as she noted– the technological devices I use on a daily were created because of their risk-taking. Furthermore, Mazzucato’s information relates to my future field within law due in part by the way these systems economic systems are created.

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