Pandemic Task-Force

Within Bill Gates TedTalk, “The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready”, he demonstrates how tan airborne virus will pose a significant threat to world health. However, Bill Gates also illuminates that a global response system –if established– can use our current advances to combat a microbe threat. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic and the recent death toll make Bill Gates’s presentation extremely convincing. Moreover, the statistical data–logos– that demonstrated the Ebola epidemic’s severity made his argument persuasive. While Bill Gates’s presentation was compelling, his focus on logos didn’t allow the issue’s severity to settle on the audience. I believe Bill gates should have implemented stories of individuals who suffered during the Ebola epidemic to show how real and dangerous microbes truly are. Bill Gates and his concept of decreasing global inequity relates to my future career since I want to be involved with immigration law to make it more equitable.¬†

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