Education Beyond The Classroom

Daphnie Koller, a Stanford University professor, demonstrates in her presentation, “What We’re Learning From Online Education”, that technology can fix the world’s lack of accessibility to education. Moreover, Koller proposes her belief that online education can replace physical classrooms while also being more effective. Koller uses logos throughout her presentation effectively through charts, data, and analysis while also demonstrating ethos as an educator herself who understands her program’s power and the revolutionary possibilities. Although Koller’s presentation is well delivered through her blend of ethos, pathos, and logos, I believe she should have dived deeper into one personal story on how Coursera– her educational program– changed the individual’s life to show the actual impact her program is having on individuals. This presentation relates to my future career as a lawyer through the fact that Coursera creates lifelong learning– which would not only help me, but other lawyers to stay up-to-date on new information.

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